Interview with Ruben Rojkés, founder of Avanco

5. What was the motivation of Engineer Ruben Rojkés to start out when he created Avanco?

AVANCO is an acronym that comes from advancing by building. I’m a civil engineer and construction is a passion for me. I decided to maneuver forward in life, building, making, that’s what I’m passionate about. After I raise myself, Ruben, what is what causes you to fill the foremost fulfilled regarding your work, I am not passionate concerning shopping for and selling only, I need to build, manufacture, develop a product, that’s what I love.

6. What are Ruben Rojkés’s future goals for the business?

We are concerning to begin the development of 2 Countries in Tucuman, and we are launching and newly started 4 new buildings. We are evaluating some projects in Buenos Aires. Now that I’ve got the help of my children, we can in all probability tackle the challenge. We have a tendency to are also operating on new comes on the agricultural livestock field.

7. What advice would you offer to future entrepreneurs?

I might tell them to be passionate and put a heap of dedication to what they do. That they request recommendation from people with additional experience. I consulted a ton of veterans when I wasn’t clear or I had doubts about a project. Work with a team of individuals who are passionate about what they do. It is an activity that you just can’t do while not a smart team.

8. How has the important estate sector developed in Tucumán within the last ten years?

It has had its highs and lows, that’s the method Argentina is. You’ve got to be told to play in these conditions thus you do not build mistakes.

9. What are the foremost innovative projects that are developed within the region?

I feel that at the Housing and Countries level, our company is the one that’s innovating the foremost within the Region, with the type of amenities of our projects, and the expertise of the architects that we tend to have, we are operating with a fashionable design and we tend to are in continuous evolution.

We tend to recently completed a residential building called The Point, in that we have a tendency to left standing a beautiful old facade of a house that’s over 100 years old, and combined it with lovely fashionable buildings. It is one thing that is seen a heap in Europe however it’s the primary time it’s done within the area. It had been a success.

10. What are the areas of Argentina that have grown the foremost in recent years?

I assume Buenos Aires is in the lead. But areas like Cordoba, Santa Fe, Tucumán, Mendoza don’t seem to be far behind.

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