Careful nails: 5 tips for perfect hands and feet

The nails can become pale, fragile, crack easily, age over the years. All this together with the daily work causes the nails to wear out and common problems appear. Luckily, the experts at the Temple of Massage will reveal five secrets to make them perfect (unha encravada com pus tratamento natural).

Maribel Corpa, one of the founders of the Temple of Massage chain, affirms that “keeping our nails in perfect condition will help us to feel better with ourselves”.

In the words of this specialist in aesthetics and health, are indicators of some aspects of our body. For example, if they are brittle, it can be a sign of a lack of vitamins or even a liver problem. And they are also one more aspect of the personality of each one.

5 tips
Following these simple recommendations, which can be done from home, you will have a manicured nails.

1- Cut and file.
Ideally, do it once a week. It is very important that the hands are dry, because if they are wet the nails can splinter. Already on the way to show off some pretty hands, you can take advantage of this to massage the area, facilitating the arrival of nutrients and circulation.

2- Cuticles.
The cuticle is a living tissue; they function as a natural barrier protecting the joint of the nail and the finger, so it is not good to remove it completely. With pushing them back, once a week, it will be enough. In case the cuticle is lifted, it can be removed since it is dead skin.

3- Polished.
For a bright and smooth nails we can polish the surface, act as a seal and avoid dehydration, we must be careful because when polishing we reduce the thickness. Normally it is only necessary for the nails to be descaled.

4- Masks and oils.
Hydration and nutrition with products such as oils, masks or creams is very beneficial not only for the hands but also for the manicured nails, especially if they are brittle we will have to do it daily. If it is applied while massaging the area, it helps to receive its own nutrients.

5- Enamel
The enamel helps protect nails, but must be renewed every week because it tends to remove them and may render them brittle. For this reason, whitening and nourishing base is first applied. Nowadays good enamel offers more advantages than inconveniences; some types are more durable, with a gel finish, but do not seal as much as false nails, experts explain.

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