From actors and global brands all agree to connect with their followers through images that show what they do, how and for what they do, with this they create the emotional engagement that makes them not only followers, but buy instagram comments.

With more than 500 million users, Instagram continues to grow and to be part of it takes into account what the 50 most popular instagramers do.

Daily life interests: It is the way to connect with your followers. Hence, celebrities publish scenes of their daily life. In your case, share what happens in your company, scenes from the work environment, celebrations, how they reach their goals or the celebration of birthdays among others.

Behind the scenes: In the last ceremonies of the Oscars several were the artists who through images or videos narrated their preparation and attendance at the awards, their followers did not lose a minute of each publication. To create this engagement, he shares what happens behind everything the client sees. Starbucks with its Behind the Scenes campaign showed how the processes were used to manufacture its coffee to its users, which caused more not only its followers but also loyal customers to the brand.

Use portraits: An excellent use for a visual network. Coca Cola achieved 28.7 k I like with a portrait of Selena Gomez welcoming her to Atlanta to promote the product. If you have an influencer, you can use portraits of employees telling their lives or that of clients using your products.

For a good reason: It is unknown to anyone how many famous and successful companies support causes for charity. National Geographic, the brand with the most followers on Instagram, maintains its campaign to combat global warming. The key is that your brand supports a long-term cause so that your customers identify you with it.

Question: FC Barcelona occupies the fourth place with the most followers on Instagram, 31.8 k, usually interacts with its users by placing images of the players or plays and throws questions to challenge the knowledge of their fans about the team and club. With creativity, look for images that allow your users to get involved with your brand.

These are the 10 instagramers with more followers, to know the others, click here.

  1. National Geographic
  2. Nike
  3. El Secreto de Victoria
  4. Barcelona
  5. Real Madrid FC
  6. 9GAG
  7. Nike Football
  8. NBA
  9. H & M
  10. Chanel
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