5 infallible strategies to retain your Ecommerce customers

Surely they have told you more than once, that it is cheaper to retain customers that you already have, than to get new ones. Well, as a professional, I can say that it is totally true, since nowadays getting new clients (impressions, SEO, SEM, clicks … etc) is becoming very expensive, and few Ecommerce can afford that financial outlay shopify spy tools.

But even though you know that it is cheaper to retain your customers than to look for new clients, when was the last time you did any campaign or action to get your customers to buy again? I imagine the answer, since my own clients, when I ask them this question, they always answer the same thing: never.

For this reason, in today’s article I expose five strategies to get loyal customers and get them to buy again with some frequency.

1. Loyalty program

Every client likes to be rewarded for making a purchase and without a doubt; the points program is one of the tactics to build loyalty to your customers that work best.

This example corresponds to one of the stores that I have made. Since we implemented this loyalty program for years, have a portfolio of loyal customers and their sales do not stop growing. Today there are different modules and plugins depending on the platform you have, to have a loyalty program easily and ready to increase conversions and sales of your online store.

As a tip, the loyalty programs that work best and that customers like the most, is the purse program: this type of loyalty module consists in that, therefore, you spend in the purchase, they deposit you in your account of the online store a corresponding amount. For example, for 25 euros of expenditure you accumulate 5 euros in your account. What the client does is to buy several times until he manages to add up the amount in the account, so that the next purchase comes free.

2. Newsletter delivery to the client

Whatever they say, email marketing is a powerful conversion tool for any online store. A trick to make your email marketing campaigns convert as much as possible, is to investigate what that customer has bought and in this way you will know what it is that you interested. Do this by groups of clients who like related things, and once you have all analyzed and by groups, make a newsletter for each group, including news and products of interest. I assure you that it is an infallible conversion tactic and the bounce rate is almost nil.

3. Surprise, they are guaranteed purchases

If your sales margins allow you to include a gift or a surprise from time to time, you will be in luck, since this strategy is infallible for the customer to repeat in the purchase. It is logical that this tactic works, because if you surprise a client with an unexpected gift, he makes his response positive, and returns the thank you making another purchase.

4. Build social relationships

Social networks are the best way to build lasting relationships with our customers, and to get new customers.

For social networks to help build customer loyalty, you will have to do the following in them:

▪ Create publications dedicated to loyal customers (for example, promotions for customers only).

▪ Establish a social network for clients to communicate their complaints, doubts, suggestions, etc. etc. But for this to work properly, you must answer everyone, and as quickly as possible.

▪ Allow customers to reserve products for the new season. This tactic works very well. For example, for one of our clients that has a children’s store, we created a strategy where we announced that we had the new collection available, but before publishing it in the online store, they could receive the catalog by email, and reserve the clothes that they Like them before they go on sale. It was all a success.

5. Offer discounts

For this strategy, you will also have to analyze if your margins allow you to do it. This tactic is very simple, since it consists of offering discounts only to loyal customers, and with that discount they will make another purchase and they will feel happy, since they will have bought the item they wanted for a lower price. As a tip, make groups of clients, and depending on the age and loyalty they have with your store, offer them a discount adapted to their loyalty. This strategy by seniority, we made it with a client and it worked perfectly.

Remember that your current customers are the best asset that your store has, since they already know your brand, they know what products you have, the service you offer. You do not have to remind them of this, but thank them for their trust and worry about finding the products they want, and of course, rewarding them for their loyalty.

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